From table to cards, a retake


Project context

Back in 2016, I was a web designer for Lendix (now October).
Lendix allows individuals to lend directly to SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises). A list of open projects to fund is the key of the product. 

The problem

In the early 2016, this list of SMEs was a simple table.


This was great for scannability. However, in order to lend to a company, our users wanted to sympathize with the projects. This table is lacking clear information hierarchy, but above all it needs to showcase the actual projects.


The 2017 solution

Back then I decided to switch to cards. This method shows more about the project while keeping good scannability.


However, I was still growing my design skils back then (aren't we always anyway?) so I thought doing a 2020 retake would be a good exercice.

The 2020 retake


My main focus here was to create a clear hierarchy, unclutter the overall space and bring more differentiation between an active card (you can still lend money to the project) and an inactive card (the project is closed).
I probably will do another retake in 3 years 🙂

Key takeaways

  • Design is never done.
  • Typography and hierarchy make a huge difference.
  • Let things breathe!


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