Hi 👋 I am Alex,

Product Designer

I carefully design experiences at Rogervoice so that deaf people can make phone calls. I help a team of engineers, designers and business developers bringing to life a meaningful product.

I have always enjoyed

making things

I studied Maths, then got a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. I was a web developer for some time and learnt UI and UX design. Now I bring my contribution to a better world by designing experiences for meaningful products.

Creators who

inspire me

There are talented people creating stunning things all over the internet. Here are my favorites from various fields.

Steve Schoger

Designer ↗️

Meng To

Founder at designcode.io ↗️

Oskar Stålberg

Game developer & Artist ↗️

Tom Whalen

Illustrator ↗️

Tim Urban

Writer at waitbutwhy.com ↗️

Grant Sanderson

Youtuber at 3blue1brown ↗️

Zimri Mayfield

Graphic designer ↗️


Youtube channel ↗️


Send me an email

hi [at] alexandremallegol [dot] com

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